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Original Work

Paintings in Cloth

When I first became interested in quilts, in order to have a better understanding and appreciation for them, I made and quilted a very simple block. It gave me a whole new perspective for the craft and I often would tell others, "in order to fully appreciate a quilt you have to make one." However I did not seriously begin my quilt making career until 1994. Designing fabrics inspired me to experiment with cloth as a medium of expression. While my experience as a painter gave me a certain familiarity and confidence with visual concepts, I soon learned that respecting cloth for its inherent quality is as important as respecting any other medium. I have always tried to remain true to the tradition and let the material speak for itself. I am not a technician so therefore my work is hand, needle turned, appliqué. I use the machine only to assemble my pieces. I very much enjoy the process and sometimes anguish over a project ending. I do not quilt my own work. I design the quilting. I prefer the quilting echo the design because my main interest is in color and the shape it is contained within. My simple techniques reflect the history of the past but my visual interests take the quilts beyond traditional appearances. I refer to them as Paintings in Cloth because my decisions for selecting, shaping, and placing my pieces are similar to the choices made when painting.

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